We envision a world where hemp is universally accepted as the miracle crop that it is. By dramatically enhancing farming standards, genetics, and technology we will increase the accessibility of the incredibly versatile hemp plant so that more people can benefit from its many uses medically, economically and beyond. It’s our goal to educate, inspire and leave the communities and individuals we meet along the way better than before we came in contact.

What We Do

Blue Dog Hemp Plant


It all starts with the plants on our more-than 1,000 acre farm. We use a 100% organic approach coupled with a proven repeatable farming process to ensure consistent results and the healthiest, highest producing plants in the industry. We put in the extra effort because we truly care about having happy plants across our entire field!


Whether you're a first time farmer or a seasoned professional, we can help you grow a successful hemp crop. We believe in building an educated and responsible community of growers. Our goal is to share what we’ve learned and our best practices to help others mitigate risk, have an incredibly successful growing season and become stewards of this miracle plant.

Seed Production

Genetic portfolios and creating highly repeatable seed production is at the core of our expertise. We create highly germinated, feminized seeds for multiple genetic lines. We have partnered with the best in the business, HGH Seed, to make sure our genetics are tested and have a proven track record of high producing plants.

Consumer Brands

Just as in everything we do, we hold our products to the highest standards in the industry. The result is a quality product that allows our consumers to access the wellness benefits of hemp and its derivatives. By connecting the science of superior genetics with consumer outcomes, we create trusted brands backed by the most effective products in the market.

Our Team

From genetics to business acumen, our team of experienced professionals has been carefully crafted to produce superior results and make Blue Dog Hemp a leader in the hemp industry. We believe our current and future success will be the direct result of our commitment to responsible business practices and farming principles.

Blue Dog Hemp Team

Hemp Matters - The Cultivation of Blue Dog Hemp

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